Essex Drones understands you may have many questions hopefully these answer a few 

Are there any rules for drones?

Simply put yes, there are many rules that we have to operate within. There are regulations put in place by each countries Civil Aviation Authority

What height, range and speed can you fly at?

We are required to operate within the CAA regulations. This means we can fly up to 400ft high and 500m radius from the pilot. We find these restrictions are never really a factor for most operations and being able to fly below 400ft (unlike helicopters) makes our aircraft incredibly versatile. We can fly up to speeds of 30mph (50kph)

What weather can we fly in?

We can operate in lots of different weather, the aircraft is capable of flying in wind speeds of 20mph although when operating in a site with many obstacles such as trees this may not be possible. We cannot yet fly in rain which tends not to be very restrictive.

We understand that weather is changeable and are flexible regarding this. Our pilots keep a close watch on weather patterns and forecasts and will keep you updated the days approaching your booking.

Want to know what a hobby flyer can and cannot do ??

 Can we fly indoors?

Yes is the simple answer although naturally we do require a reasonably sized area. The CAA regulations do not effect us when we fly in doors.

How Safe are drones/UAVs/UAS

Our Drones are very safe. Our pilots are professionals that always consider safety first. Before and after every flight the aircraft are checked thoroughly and any required maintenance is carried out. We comprehensively assess risks and are very open about any concerns before we operate.

Dose Essex Drone hire out its equipment to third parties?

We offer a white Label service ..find out more here 

How long can you fly for?

Our systems can fly for 15-20 minutes on a single battery. After this the aircraft needs to be landed and the battery replaced. This is very quick and we carry extra batteries to every job.

How do I book?

Simply give us a call or visit our   contact page   or use the chat button on the bottom right of this page