Would you like us to be your in house drone company ?

How does it work?

Simple, our crew and equipment become you upon every job / project your company is involved in. Which basically means: –

  • We arrive at every project in your uniform
  • Our crew introduce themselves as your company
  • Whenever meetings need attending we are quite simply your employer
  • At no time will we mentioned Essex drone  as the provider of drone filming or photography

Your benift from 

  • Needing to employ experienced pilots
  • Needing to have a maintenance arm to continually service the drone(s)
  • Be fully licensed and certified by the CAA
  • Insurance
  • Costs of the drone(s)
  • Cost of the batteries
  • Cost of the certification required
  • Cost of the camera equipment
  • Cost of ground stations

This is where we can step in!

We can actively work together and allow you to whitelabel our services to your company. Giving you the right to freely promote an additional service based on the industry your associated to.

Companies who use this method 

  • Estate Agents
  • Property Management Companies
  • Public Sector Contractors
  • Marketing Companies (ie; Website Designers)
  • Photographers
  • Surveying Companies