Hiring Filming Drone,or UAV in Essex

Put simply the drone or unmanned aerial vehicle is just and aircraft but with the pilot and Cameraman staying on the ground connected remotely to the on board flight controls and  Camera. The operating costs are over 60 % lower than helicopter aerial filming, also giving a much lower aerial perspective with an ability to be dynamic and stable at the same time. We operate 3 types of drone with custom abilities for different missions.  .CAA APPROVED 

Essex Drone Hire Building Surveys

The flexibility of our aircraft allows us to conduct building surveys and inspections, which, by any other means, would be prohibitively expensive or even impossible.

Building and roof inspections that require working at height would normally require the structure to be cocooned in scaffolding after passing an intensive risk assessment. This is time-consuming and expensive. Regardless of how detailed your risk assessment is, working at heights will always remain a large headache for employers.

Essex Drones will change your complete mindset and quickly carry out a detailed photographic survey, which is inexpensive and doesn’t need anyone to take a step off the ground.

All of our Aircraft have 4k cameras with onboard recording and live video streaming back to the operator can allow you to make an instant diagnosis, give you a much faster repair time, and create a significant cost-saving.

Essex Drones take extremely detailed photographs at very close proximity to areas that may be considered a high risk concern to you the owner, council or concerned prospective investors.

With over 10 years of team Experience our team are able to provide a series of photographs or video of a building site showing the construction process from start to finish. This can satisfy the requirements of the local council, or the property owner, by providing evidence of work in progress and by ensuring that standards are maintained and correct materials are used. Our approach replaces the traditional process with one that is less time consuming and more cost effective.

What are the key benefits to usingEssex Drone for building surveys:

  • Cost effective – maximise your profits
  • Rapid inspections of buildings and land – reduce waiting time for information
  • Nobody having to work at height therefore improving health and safety
  • Over fly soft/uneven ground and sub-surface voids that would otherwise pose danger to vehicles and hydraulic platform outriggers
  • Quick deployment – no waiting for scaffolding or other types of platforms
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Third party insurance in place.
  • CAA Approved Operator