Esses Drone Aircraft   

Essex Drones  are opening new doors and new ways of working and we're continuing to experiment with our drones to find out more all the time, from aerial photography, thermal surveying, film and TV production and building surveying to simply making art.

Our unmanned aerial vehicles are capable of various flight modes including holding position using GPS, cruise control for tracking moving objects and so much more. All of our aircraft from our smallest DJI Mavic Pro, right up to our larger DJI INSPIRE all use self stabilising camera gimbals to ensure the smoothest of images and video footage, even in less than perfect conditions. The gimbal can also be controlled from the ground to allow changes in camera pitch.

Amazing news "coming soon on our X35 Optical   Zoom  camera" 

Our Inspire 1  we also have the option of dual-control on all of our aircraft, which enables the camera to be operated a full 360 degrees separately to the aircraft. The camera can be rotated across roll, pitch and yaw. This allows for even more flexibility, as a second operator can focus on keeping the shot in frame, while the pilot maneuvers the aircraft in to location. The controls for the camera operation are easy and safe to use, so if you prefer to use your own camera operator for this, it can easily be done after a brief 10-15 minute training session with the pilot.

The drones also send a live video down-link to our ground station, where we can use monitors to see exactly what the camera sees, live as it sees it. This not only allows us to get the best shots possible, but also allows us to broadcast live in HD resolution.

Lastly we have the potential to carry your own cameras and sensor equipment, as you might imagine maximum size and weight limits apply, but you'd be amazed just how much we can lift. If you have a specific requirement in mind, then please  contact us directly  to discuss this.