•This is one of the common myths which is simply not true, yes there will always be a small minority that abuse any new technology and of course the Press like to create sensational headlines with these kind of stories
•Most drones are quite audible and have lights on them, which means that at a height low enough for them to take photos (for example of someone sunbathing in their garden), they would attract attention
•Someone wanting to invade your privacy can often do it much easier with a pocket size camera that has a 30x Optical Zoom lens !
•Professional CAA PFCO Drone Operators are fully trained & insured individuals who are simply trying to earn a living like most other decent members of the community


Drones are regularly flown recklessly
in the paths of aircraft

•There have been a few isolated cases of this, which are the actions of highly irresponsible drone owners, but when you consider the number of aircraft in the skies and the number of drones that there are in use, the cases are infinitely small but again these stories make sensational headlines for the Press
•Nevertheless, any attempts to fly a Drone near manned aircraft or airports is highly irresponsible and is not condoned under any circumstances.
•The UK Government has commissioned and released their own report “Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (Drones) Mid-Air Collision Study” into the likely impact of a Drone strike on a commercial aircraft or helicopter (and this should be read for a deeper insight into this topic)
•Professional CAA PFCO Drone operators, are fully trained about how and where to fly safely in order to avoid collision with aircraft.


Drones are used by criminals

•Criminals and Irresponsible individuals will always find an illegal or inappropriate use for any new technology
•When the streets of Britain were plagued by “Joy Riders” – cars were not banned. Car manufactures increased anti-theft measures and the Police led initiatives to catch and punish those responsible.
•When gangs of scooter riders were carrying out smash and grab raids on Jewellers in London, scooters were not banned. Stores invested in better security measures and again the Police took action to target these criminals
•The positive uses for Drones by far outweigh the negative ones and we should not let the criminals and irresponsible individuals win, what is needed is better education around Drone use and when Drones are being used illegally, we need greater enforcement of the law.

Drones are Dangerous

•In fact, Drones are not dangerous. Its the relatively small number of rogue operators and owners who are dangerous
•In the same way that a knife or a pair of scissors are not really dangerous, unless they are put in the hands of someone that wants to commit harm with them
•In England in 2016, zero deaths were recorded in relation to the use of civilian drones, by comparison 77,900 people died as a result of smoking tobacco, with 7,327 as a result of alcohol misuse and 3,744 due to drugs
•Professional CAA PFCO Drone operators are insured and trained to opera
te their Drones safely and with absolute minimum risk to people or property

I can use a Friend I know with a drone 
to take my photos

•People often think that they can save some money by just using ”a member of their club” or a friend to take photos/video for them
•If the person
registered this is absolutely correct.
•If the person 
registered then you can be putting yourself and your property at risk both financially and physically.
•The Law in UK is very clear on the topic of Commercial Drone Operations and it is actually illegal for a person that is not holding a CAA PFCO to operate a Drone commercially
•There is also the potential risk of bad publicity to any company using an illegal Drone operator
•To be safe, always check that the Drone operator you are using is CAA PFCO registered

In truth, drones now play a key part in
industry & society

•The practical applications of Drones are enormous, with just a few mentioned below
•Drones can be used very effectively in Search and Rescue operations, able to aid ground based 1st responders in finding lost or injured persons in remote terrain
•Inspections (Offshore installations, Power lines, buildings, Wind/Solar farms, Agricultural crops, etc) generally able to do so much more effectively and with lower risk of injury to personnel
•Sales, Marketing and Promotion, with their ability to fly into positions simply not accessible on foot, they can capture amazing images for publicity purposes
•Security applications such as image capture of thieves and their vehicles
•Sporting Events Videography and Photos is an area where Drones can really provide great “in the middle of the action” shots
•Emergency services such as the Fire Brigade regularly use Drones with Major Fires to help manage the situation