Drone hire Essex 

Welcome to Essed Drones we have a full CAA Approval  for commercial operations in the UK and provide fast and effective  aerial photography and video in Essex at a fraction of the cost of previous aerial imaging techniques by using unmanned UAV aircraft. Be it for agricultural or surveying, building or land surveying, aerial property images, or wedding photos in Essex , we are the numr one dberone photography solution in Essex & the South East of the UK.

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    Essex drone hire Hire a drone operator in Essex

For Essex  land owners, farmers, construction sites, landfill sites, quarries we are able to give a view never seen before and you will be able to live view our footage as we are in the air filming   "Want to know more about the regulations ?"

Essex drone remotely controlled UAV  can provide clients with UHD, 4K, video survey footage of structures that would otherwise be difficult to inspect. At Essex drone hire we can  film in 4K offering extremely high definition video that can be paused to give excellent views of the building’s structure. This is especially useful where access is difficult or where, for example, a roof is unsound. There’s no need to scaffold a building or hire a cherry picker to carry out your roof survey or building structure survey. We can provide you with the survey footage to analyse on your own PCs.

Essex Drone Services provides extensive domestic and commercial UAV services in Essex and London including façade, chimney, tower/mast and external  structural inspections.

We have 30 years experience in the construction industry in damage detection, routine maintenance, risk mitigation and facilitating insurance claims.

Our services extend to pre-purchase inspections, and post-installation inspections, ensuring optimal property management and peace of mind.